Revirtual New Authentication solution

Authentication based on the real presence

The problem with modern day society

While today the use of a variety of systems and applications have made our lives easier, we are also faced with the risk of “identity theft”, resulting from the abuse of personal information. 


The extent of this harm extends to myriad areas, including the act of logging into accounts using illegally obtained passwords and “credit card fraud”, resulting from the leakage of personal information.


While there are variety of cyber security technologies available today, there are yet no strong and tottlly effective measures to combat identity theft.

Personal authentication for the future society

In the future society, it will be possible to obtain electronic data that comprises a combination of the real presence of an individual, location and time using a range of devices and sensors.

Through the use of this electronic data, systems will have the power to recognize “the physical presence of an individual”


The physical presence of an individual means that you are truly unique.

Our concept behind Revirtual, is based on using this special characteristic to control a range of systems.


We are proposing a security system that is made stronger by bringing together the real presence of an individual and system controls.