Management of Article

In future society, every "object" will be connected via a network.

The most important thing here is that every "object" be identifiable.

The personal presence authentication system that is Revirtual provides a revolutionary framework, even in the area of "object" identification.

Prevention of fraud


Owner identification, lost property measures

Personal presence authentication will completely change

how we manage objects

Revirtual relies on a combination of data that includes information about a particular individual, their location and time.

Object Identification

Your presence is truly unique. As a result, any newly created information becomes a unit of data that is unique anywhere in the world.

We propose to use this unit of data in the form of an "object identification ID".

Certification of genuine products

What we are proposing is to link and update this "object identification ID" to a particular person or persons when an "object" is on the move.

This will help with:

・The determination of genuine and          imitation products 


・"Object" history management 

Owner identification

We propose to provide a code that indicates the status of an "object"  to an "object identification ID".

This will help with:

・Owner identification

・Determination of theft 

・Determination of a missing or lost          object