We currently patents in the U.S.A., Japan and China.

Core patent

Authentication system : We named "Revirtual".

  • U.S.A.    Patent No. 8,866,586
  • Japan    Patent No. 3,946,243
  • China    Patent No. ZL 2006 8 00142

Revirtual is a new personal authentication system that controls the use of or access to a system by an individual who is not present in that particular location by recognizing the presence of that individual.





Derivations of core patent

Article management system 

  • Japan    Patent No. 4,941,860

Linking authorized personal to the relevant object makes it possible to provide a unique "object identification ID".

This will prove beneficial to the management of "objects", in a variety of areas, including the prevention of imitation products and owner identification.




Derivations of core patent

Authentication system

  • Japan    Patent No. 5,007,886

This patent supports our core patent.


The system processes data to fill in the gaps when an object is moved outside its fixed location or when a fixed period of time is elapsed from the time of initial authentication to realize more accurate personal authentication.